Explicit Relationships & Dating Masterclass


Destiny, Sex, Integrity, Truth 

Frustrated by bad (or NO!) singleness, dating and relationship advice?  Watch this masterclass and get the raw truth about what God’s design for sex and realtionship really is – and how to live your destiny with integrity.  The more you hear the more you grow. It doesn’t happen overnight – but it does happen over time – the sooner and more often you get the truth, the sooner you live it!

You could go to dozens of conferences, but everyone knows that real growth happens with repetition over time.  You’ve done it on your own all this time, now try it with dozens of Godly mentors & experts who have coached hundreds  of singles just like you into living their best lives including singleness, dating, marriage and healthy relationships!

You don’t have to wait – click here and you can download the masterclass for $49 today.

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