Courage to Hear – Courage to Heal


How can we effectively address the topic of sexual abuse in our families and churches?

How can parents and church ministries prevent sexual abuse from happening to their children and youth?

How can victims experience healing and wholeness?

Sexual abuse is a systemic issue in every country – and some experts say one in two women and one in three men have been victims of this trauma. Due to the effects of pornography, children and teens are often sexually abused by older children and teens – not only adults.

The Body of Christ generally has avoided addressing this issue as it is an uncomfortable topic that can trigger feelings of shame and guilt. This silence has often left multitudes of God’s people silent and alone in their brokenness. Yet, the Lord’s passion is to bring healing and restoration from all trauma and pain! This course will equip you as a friend, leader, parent, and a minister of hope to not only understand sexual abuse, but also know how to be a safe place of healing for victims. If you are a victim, this course will empower you with powerful insights and resources to support you in your healing journey. You will hear real stories of God’s transformative power as well as rich guidance from experts in the field whose life work is to support victims of sexual abuse.


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In this recorded THREE DAY EVENT, our Explicit Team members candidly discuss:
  • The myths & truths about sexual assault
  • The impact it has on survivors and perpetrators
  • Practical tips on how to become a safe place for survivors
  • Important steps in grieving and healing from this trauma
You don’t have to do this alone – together we can reach out and make a difference for those suffering from this epidemic. At the end of this training,  you will:
  • Gain clear knowledge of what is really going on in our communities
  • Recognize when someone needs help
  • Be equipped to compassionately support survivors in your life

Plus, we are adding, at no additional cost to you, recordings of our Special Edition Zoom sessions from August 2020 with Chris Yanuaria , David Nisthal and Sheryl Sarmento.  In this BONUS 2 session equipping event, we equip you on:

  • Prepping your college bound teen for the hook up culture on most college campuses.
  • The importance of grief in the process of healing

For a limited time, we will be offering this content for an unbelievably low price – just because we want as many people as possible to have access to this critical training!  But the price goes up September 3, 2020, so don’t wait:  Purchase Now


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